Wausau Assembly of God
New Visitors

We want your experience at Wausau AOG to be first-class all the way! From fun and interactive children’s ministries to inspirational worship and messages, our  services are a place where you can encounter the life-changing presence of God and the Holy Spirit. Below you will find some helpful information on what to expect when you arrive at a service. We want your visit to feel as comfortable as possible, so be sure to contact us if you should have any questions; you can also ask a greeter on the day you arrive.

Our worship services are hybrid services meaning we have a little of the old gospel and new contemporary mixed in design and uplifting in nature. You’ll experience powerful live worship and an inspiring message filled with God’s truth and hope. You’ll also have the opportunity to pray, meet new people, and give of your tithes and offerings. 

Parking is on the north side and south side of the building.  We have covered Handicap parking with easy access  inside our building.  Once you enter our doors, a greeter will be there to greet you and assist you fitting into our church and to get you kids into a great Children’s Church ministry. 

Our  services typically last about an hour and thirty minutes. We recommend arriving early so you won’t feel rushed or miss our praise and worship singing.  The service will start off with about thirty to forty-five minutes of praise and worship where there will be singing, consisting of the choir, solos and musicians, and worship by music.  If you love to sing, come on up with us, everybody is welcome!!

Dress comfortably. One of the things you’ll notice about Wausau AOG is that we are a very diverse church. You’ll feel right at home wearing anything from  jeans, to business casual attire, to your Sunday suit.

Upon your visit, please make sure you fill out a visitor card and turn it in.  We will love to make contact with you to visit us again and answer any questions you may have.

3537 Washington Street, Wausau, Florida, 32463, United States
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