Wausau Assembly of God
Church History

Here’s a little info about us; about the Wausau Assembly of God Church in Wausau Florida. Physically the church buildings are the largest structures in Wausau. The church is also one of the oldest institutions in Wausau, FL.

The buildings have been replaced, and added to several times over the years to accommodate the growth in the church membership.  In 1934 Brother Jim Taylor and a small band of believers began having church meetings out in the thickets, and soon moved them indoors to an old hotel in Wausau, FL.

 As more people became Christians, and brought their families there was a need for a bigger building. The first church building was raised up in 1962, and added to several times over the years.  

Since 1934 the church has had several Pastors. Our current Pastor is Brother Danny Burns.

Some stayed for many years, until called elsewhere; some for just a short while. The one thing that has stayed the same through the years is God’s Spirit’s moving, his blessings, and his faithfulness to this church. 

Several generations of people have called this church their home, walked with God, and gone on to glory. Several more generations are currently walking the same path. 

The buildings are useful as a place to meet, but it is people who make up the church body. Over the years the many faithful believers have served as church leaders and teachers for our various Sunday School classes, and church ministries. 

God knows which needs the church has, and brings in the right people to fill the need, at the right time.

This generation is living in challenging and threatening times. No doubt our youth, and church members face great challenges. We will continue to seek God, and his will for the Wausau Assembly of God church as we move forward ministering, and meeting the challenges of life in today’s world.

If you, or your family is facing challenges, if you are searching for answers, or you are simply seeking a church home where the word of God is preached, please visit us.

3537 Washington Street, Wausau, Florida, 32463, United States
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